tufted velvet love.

this was my weekend project! while thrifting with a dear friend, we stumbled upon these beauties...
i had to. they were begging to be lacquered and nestled together next to the fireplace. 

photos of mine. 


 leah giberson, i thank you for your inspiring talent. 

prisma is always in.

ok. ill be blunt. i was the kid who hid colored pencils in random places throughout the house so that no one could take them. and colored until my mother made me go to bed. prismacolors are the bomb. and always will be. 

botanical creation.

have you ever seen anything so magical as these botanical beauties
i am so entranced. 

cake in a jar.

although i am not one for red velvet, my taste buds are buggin' with this is cake in a jar marvelousness. 

part II: I heart ny.

what's the city without some city life snapshots? it is a wonderland of architectural dreams and inspiration overload for every eye that wants to see. 

photos of mine. 

part I: i hEArT ny.

what's a trip to the city without the amazing grub? I just visited my beloved sister for a long weekend and our meals ranged from baked brie and fresh fruits to long brunches and tasty lobster rolls. 

photos of mine. 

mr. + mrs.

one of my best friends was married this weekend....all joy!
she knew exactly what she wanted it to look like and she orchestrated it with passion and astonishing taste. i helped with some of the creative stuff....love to the new mr. and mrs. 

photos and work of my own.