never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting.
ralph waldo emerson. 

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big boy.

how handsome and manly my brother has become.....and i will say nothing more.

I love you and cherish you.
I will forever remember us running from the bad guys and chasing a myriad of dreams. 
keep running bro...proud-ah-you. 

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dry bones.

My soul cries out
My soul cries out for you
These bones cry out
These dry bones cry for you
To live and move.

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MaeMae Launches!

So proud of my mae- her new site is up so check it out! 
these are just some of my favorite designs...

if i had a man cave.

or maybe if i was a dude.....i guess ill never be able to grow an epic beard. 
im ok with that. and so is my mother. 

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there are people who stand out like stars in the night because they pray. 

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dear saturday.

dear saturday,
surely you must know how i thirst for you, it starts wednesday then thursday and friday, it is all i can do. 
On your eve i think of you, as i climb in bed and take a breathe knowing that you will be there tomorrow, at a time ill wake hours later than normal. 
and ill wake to the sound of silence, only the light dancing through the curtains, making puddles on my worn in floor. 
ill greet you with a well slept smile, my eyes still opening behind thick dark frames. 
but first, coffee. 

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