dwell in dreams.

how dreamy is my room? it all works together to make me melt and breathe easy. Crisp, white linens, old Chanel perfumes of my grandmothers, and her costume jewels and frocks to boot. 
im ready for my day. 
images via a new find as well: dress,design,decor.


it's not about the horseshoes anymore. it's all about the deer! 

dress up.

sometimes i just wanna go back to being my tiny girly self and play dress up. 
maybe i will today, maybe i just might. 

dusk in the desert.

i spent last night with my dogs on a chair outside. watching and dreaming and thinking and waiting and breathing and wondering. and realizing that God has created something so rare and beautiful that i was able to witness. what is something rare and beautiful you have witnessed?

photos of mine. 


Freja Beha. Stunning. i may need to borrow all of these ensembles. 
and how rad is her tatoo? loves. 


Rosemarie Fiore has some exquisite work. Her "firework drawings" are made by exploding and containing live fireworks, resulting in bursts of saturated color that are overlapped and collaged into abstract compositions. wowzaaaaaa. 

duct tape revisited.

Rebecca Ward is a linear genius. Her site specific installations are highly architectural, specializing in the use of electrical tape, adhesive graphic film, and vinyl adhesive. 
check her out! 

beach house.

i haven't stopped listening to beach house's teen dream. it is the perfect, lazy summer day friend. 

indian summer.

 i dont live in the desert for nothing. someone once called me the lady in the desert. 
ill take it.