Gathering objects from old markets and recreating them into beautiful, useful pieces, Leslie Oschmann of Swarm has tapped into something so unique to me. She creates these compelling objects from her own working studio in Amsterdam. Oschmann was with Anthropologie for 8 years when it was just 10 stores small. 

the pie hole.

this is for Roberta Fergal. i am still in shock that Pushing Daisies was cancelled. STILL! 
on our lunch breaks, we've been watching the episodes over and over, still wondering what is going to happen next. and we may even start our own pie hole. with some funnel cake. funnel your face. 

rainy day for her rainy soul.

i love a desert rain. it makes my soul rest easy and be still for a while. 
photos of mine. 

killer heels.

i think they speak for themselves. the titanic ballerina's are my favsies. 


 Had my mother not come over and talked with me, we wouldn't have seen the sun perfectly peeking through the trees, spotlighting on this magnificent spiderweb. what perfect timing to witness the intricacy of creation. 
photo of mine. 

rainbow bright.

im a color girl. always will be. i can only do the neutrals for so long. 
color your world today my friends. 


these leather bags are truly unique. I have not seen collections like this....well ever. 


California native Rae Dunn has some stunning work. She is influenced by the "Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete." All of her products are made by hand and therefore no two pieces are alike. How charming.