painting day.

i long for days like this....painting for hours on end....

a family affair.

ummm i pray im like this with my children one day....
Sasha Pivovarova for Vogue Paris November 2010, Erin Heatherton for Flaunt. 

prairie collective.

get all you need at this chic store in san francisco....from wreath making classes to wooden bows, prairie collective is full of goodie trinkets. 


finally an excuse to speak of my love for Degas! I am still enthralled by his works. Still.
and Chloe's ballet inspired collection is just as dreamy and enthralling. 

jeter's birthday.

happy birthday brother bear.

mid-week road trip.

 Roberta and I travelled north to Star Valley for a little Christmas tree searching.....and what JOY we found! the air was crisp, the leaves were changing, the bambi's were creepy and awesome as well as the chai we downed on the way back (due to frostbite). It was a happy adventure all before lunch time. 
happy friday dear ones. 


Portland based artist of Oh My Cavalier creates some charming drawings that i fancy.