mae musings.

Those who draw closer to God find such friendships simply burst upon them. 
These bombshells of intense affection explode without warning in our lives. 
But they are good surprises."
— Emilie Griffin

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oswald's mill.

Oswald's Mill is an 18th century Germanic house-mill in the Penn-Dutch country of LeHigh County, Pennsylvania. It is the only known integrally built house-mill in the country.... it beckons the countryside close to the Appalachian Trail and 10,000 square feet of colonial space for shooting print or film. (not to mention- local produce catering) 

The structure is comprised of four floors with hand planed planks and hand hewn beams.  All original details such as the hand wrought hardware and milk paint are intact. The restoration has carefully hidden modernization, utilizing antique fixtures. 

i find it dreamy and fascinating. 

of the desert.

"I don't know how to find life in the desert....I know that there is life here but 
I don't know where to look."


"Life attracts life," the alchemist answered.

 But you are in the desert. So immerse yourself in it. The desert will give  
you an understanding of the world; in fact, anything on the face of the 
earth will do that. You don't even  
have to understand the desert: all you have to do is 
contemplate a simple grain of sand, and you will see  
in it all the marvels of creation."
She is a woman of the desert," said the alchemist.
 "She knows that men have to go away in order to  
return. And she already has her treasure: it's you. 
Now she expects that you will find what it is you're  
looking for."

paulo coelho- the Alchemist.

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let there be lights.

Shine Your light so all can see it
Lift it up, 'cause the whole world needs it

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watercolor ponies.

if we could sing karaoke at this age....she still would have sang carly simon. 
you're so vain. 
or watercolor ponies (for char+deb)

or maybe just stare at me with that face. that hasnt changed a bit. 

for rachel+jeff.

this is the latest piece......still can't figure out which way it should go. 
guess they'll have to decide.