arm in arm.


she let's me dream and on we walk. 

the city keeps on going....we just keep on rolling....

good morning nyc.......

grand central station and got wind they're coming on
And the goodness yesterday
No one round oh and I still recognize her after all these years and she still looks the same
Ah, she still looks the same.
Just when I was sick and lonely,
There was a shaking on the ground
Were were hiding from the rain
Were were riding on the train.


desert of all deserts....

please forgive my unknown sources. 


WAN.   DER.   LUST   :  
a strong desire or urge to travel or wander. 

via: the socialite spy. renophoto. eastatlanta. 

watercolor for sister.

this is my latest watercolor piece for my sister's new dwelling in the city...can't wait for her art wall to come to life. 

odd monday.

odd dot com.
random and unrelated and amusing and confusing and beautiful. 

lisa jones and sources unknown. 

sanctuary up high.

did you ever dream of being part of the lost boys in peter pan? 

via: yellowtreehouse-new zealand. 

wendy bevan.

i have been following photographer Wendy Bevan for some time. Her intriguing, ambiguous and truly unique photos are amongst my favorites. 

take time to peruse her work, you will not be disappointed. 

maemae equals

Stationery Inspiration: MaeMae Paperie - The Bride's Guide : Martha Stewart Weddings

OH MY GOOODNESSSSSSS. she's on martha's bliggity.


i am loving the pixelated vibes going on these days....

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