New England Ruins.

 Graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Rob Dobi. In his own words: 

"Even as a child i questioned the significance of abandoned buildings and the stories they could tell by simply walking through them.  Due to years of neglect, these sites have typically become eyesores for those who pass by them everyday. What remains inside tells a different story altogether

Whether it be industrial or insitutional, each doorway within is an opening to the past, behind each one a unique story is told. Each stairwell leads to another chapter.  I find as a photographer I am able to give these abandoned structures a second life of sorts, preserving them in a picture for others to see and interpret their history for themselves."


mandroid said...

uhhh that chair with the stirrups... thank god i live in the present century. I WOULD NOT want to sit in that!

Anonymous said...

ps... this is erriiieee.

did u see the sunsets purple scattered clouds this morn. o o o and awawaw.

misshoney said...

those risd kids man.

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