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Ndola, Zambia. 

so this is ndola thru mine and banji's eyes:

taking a bus together to the farm- with the window open the air was still crisp with dew from the night before. 
going thru old cans of paint we found in gilbert's work shed (caretaker/overseer of Northrise Farms). walking out into the empty lands to find sticks sturdy enough to stir some incredibly thick paint, taking water from nearby overrun, and seeing the sun make shadows that danced and sang their way thru the halls and windows of Kuhula House. 
with little time, limited supplies and the on and off again power and water....Banji and I found it better to focus simply on creating our heart's desire with what we had been given. And so we did. 

I am so thankful for Banji and the bond that sustained us that week...she is an amazing girl. Thru her story and her openness to share with me, I saw my own desire for openness and passion to live with joy running over.  
and to see my family support me in ways not worthy of words alone, i am blessed. 

so what will you dream to create? with no plan, no reasonable logic to it, with open hands that are empty of what you know and ready to take hold of something new? 


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i cannot believe it. Deb's face says it all. Whit the Lord has entrusted you with unbelievable talents... u use them to praise him so well. Love Banji. :)

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