17°51′S 25°52′E.

livingstone, zambia.

the next time a sunrise steals your breath or a meadow of flowers leaves you speechless, remain that way. say nothing. listen. listen as heaven whispers, do you like it? i did it just for you.

what is it that renders you speechless? 
we sat in silence and gazed upon this hauntingly glorious sunset, only able to make out contours of our shadowy faces and reflection off the water.  i could not help but think- does this happen all around me every moment of every day and i completely miss it? We rush past these seconds of splendor. 
 'How precious are My children who are awed by nature's beauty; this opens them up to God's Presence...'


rachael said...

this is really beautiful...glad you got to enjoy it.

mando comando said...

whit, write a book. ur words. so good. right on, everyone. this blog brings me joy.

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