en route.

so this is how it went:

28 june 2011.

phoenix to chicago. 
chicago to london. 
london to lisbon. lisbon to cascais.
cascais to bombarral. bombarral to obidos. 
obidos to cascais. 
cascais to lisbon. lisbon to london.
 london to johannesburg. 
johannesburg to ndola.
ndola to lusaka. lusaka to livingstone. 
livingstone to victoria falls. 
victoria falls to botswana and namibia. 
botswana to the chobe. 
chobe to botswana to livingstone. livingstone to johannesburg.
johannesburg to london. london to chicago. 
chicago to phoenix. 

what day is today. 


misshoney said...

I feel like I just did it again reading that. wowza.

Lynn said...

Why, today was yesterday my love and I was happy to see you today.

mdroid said...

my goodness. travels worth the journey. praise god for his glory revealed every step of the way.

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