To you who have continued to encourage me, to inspire me, to push me to keep going, here i am. 
So in forty-two days, much can happen. Change inevitably is always rearing it's head in every moment it seems. This season has been marked by persistent transition. 
Such relentless gain of opportunity. Such a rebirth of friendships and affirming people to walk alongside in life. The difficult and humbling circumstances that have left wounds...only to be healed with time. A season of expectant anticipation for what is to come. For I know with my entire being, the BEST is yet to come. And so ill be patient and pray that I can try to remember that. 
The fleeting days that seem never ending and yet fly by. The ability to laugh still uncontrollably with the people in my day to day work. And sharing our days is just something you cannot plan.
The deep and hidden, ever present loss of the man I wanted to be like for as long as I could have the thought to desire that. He taught me to love deeply and passionately, forsaking all others to love his beloved. He lead by example, unknowingly. His disposition a stark contrast to the world surrounding us. Life was joy. No matter the painful and shattering circumstances he endured. 
My papaw, how I long to be able to sit with you and some peanut butter crackers and not say a word. His silence and presence alone filled my spirit with rest. He made me know that exactly who I am is enough for him to love me with crazy love. 
So it was only appropriate being his birthday on this sixth of June, that I have plenty chocolate pie and again push forward in faith of what is to come. For I can count it all joy. 

And so ill take that knowledge and season ive walked partly through, and go confidently. For I know that what lies ahead surely will be filled with some of the same, but it will overflowing with all things new. So, here is to getting back into this thing. 

 Will you come with me to the mountains? It will hurt at first, until your feet are hardened. Reality is harsh to the feet of shadows. But will you come? 


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your posts never fail to bring a little bit of sunshine to my morning. thank you for sharing, being courageous and walking with strength and hope!

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